What Are the Functions of Different Protective Medical Gowns?

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What Are the Functions of Different Protective Medical Gowns?


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What Are the Functions of Different Protective Medical Gowns? 11370

What Are the Functions of Different Protective Medical Gowns?Event

The protective medical gowns are used in the firefighting, industrial, medical, military, and there are protective clothes for particular groups. Protective medical gowns are mainly for firefighting, military, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, paint, cleaning and disinfection, laboratories, and other industries and departments.

Protective medical gowns and masks play a vital role in preventing the epidemic, which can be said to be a talisman for life safety. Of course, only qualified protective covers and protective clothing can play an influential role in protection. In contrast, unqualified protective equipment will have the opposite effect, exposing life to a hazardous situation. Here, Winner will tell you about the different impacts of different protective medical gowns.

1. Surgical protective medical gowns

A surgical protective medical gown refers to the specially designed clothing in the operating room. It can prevent the penetration of water, blood, alcohol, and other liquids and has a hydrophobicity of level 4 or higher to avoid clothing and the human body being contaminated. It can avoid spreading the virus carried by the patient's blood, body fluids, and other secretions to medical staff during the operation.

2. Protective Isolation medical gowns

Protective Isolation medical gowns are clothes worn by medical staff when they contact patients and when family members visit patients. The barriers to bacteria and viruses prevent medical staff from contracting and transmitting (and back-transmission) on the patient's surgical wound during surgery. The barrier to the virus in isolation medical protective clothing is mainly to prevent the spread of the virus carried by medical staff when they contact patients' blood and body fluids.

3. Chemical protecting medical gowns

A chemical protective medical gown is worn to protect yourself from hazardous or corrosive substances when handling dangerous medical substances. In addition to the requirements for chemical-resistant protective clothing and chemical corrosion of clothing materials, airtightness and clothing seam structure are more stringent.

4. Electromagnetic radiation protective medical gowns

Electromagnetic radiation protective clothing is a kind of protective clothing that can implant wonderful conductive fibers on the fabric material. The protective clothing does not generate static electricity, blocking electromagnetic waves from 100kHz to 300GHz. It is mainly used for the operators of electronic medical equipment systems in hospitals.

5. Nuclear and radiation protective medical gowns

Nuclear and Radiation Protective medical gowns are used in nuclear radiation environments (a small amount of large-scale ionizing radiation, mainly A rays), to prevent radioactive aerosol and dust from penetrating the human body. It has the functions of radioactive aerosol protection, toxic and corrosive gas protection, liquid and solid protection of more than 150 kinds, preventing potential radioactive particles and liquids from penetrating the body, and 100% blocking dry particles above 0.2m. 

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