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Tips for Buying Medical Gauze


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Tips for Buying Medical GauzeEvent

Medical gauze is a medical product that is often used in medical treatment. It is very helpful for the treatment of wounds. It is also an indispensable medical material on the operating table. In fact, there are many magical uses in life. You can buy some to keep at home in case for need.

After understanding the use of  medical gauze , you also need to know how to buy it. When purchasing medical gauze, you need to pay attention to the following precautions:

1. Learn to read the labels and instructions of medical gauze tape. Everyone should know whether the medical gauze is sterile or non-sterile on the instructions and labels.

2. If the sterile gauze is purchased, it means it can be used directly, if it is not sterile, it needs further disinfection treatment before it can be used.

3. The packaging of the medical gauze must have a series of information such as the production date, expiration date, and production batch number; what should be done if the product is damaged.

4. When buying, you should look at the medical gauze. The product should be soft, no peculiar smell, pure white color, and should not show strong blue fluorescence even under ultraviolet light.

The above points are the matters needing attention when buying medical gauze, you can use it as a reference.

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