The Role of Medical Gauze Tape in Modern Medical Treatment

The Role of Medical Gauze Tape in Modern Medical Treatment



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The Role of Medical Gauze Tape in Modern Medical Treatment


The Role of Medical Gauze Tape in Modern Medical Treatment


Medical gauze tapes are used in many hospitals, and they are an indispensable tool in hospitals for bandaging and fixing patients. Today, Winner will introduce you to the role played by medical gauze tapes in modern medicine.

1. Medical gauze tape is a typical medical textile

According to its different purposes of use, it is divided into surgical gauze, application gauze, covering gauze, wiping gauze and medicinal gauze. There are strict regulations on the production and selection of medical gauze tape. In addition to the given cutting size, the safety and practicability must meet the requirements of the pharmacopeia, and some products also require specific therapeutic functions.

2. The practicality of the medical gauze tape

Medical gauze must be pure, white, and odorless, and the dissolved substances during boiling must be limited to the specified range, so as to be non-toxic, non-polluting, and non-radioactive to ensure that it is safe and harmless to the human body. Practicality refers to easy absorption of blood and other body fluids, shape retention when wet, soft touch when dry, resistance to various disinfection methods, easy to use, no thread opening, lint-free, and easy to peel off.

3. Medical gauze tape can stop bleeding quickly

One of the functions of medical degreased gauze is to stop bleeding. It is a direction in the development of degreased gauze. It is made of viscose fiber knitted fabric through special oxidation treatment. It does not use any medicine, but grafts soluble groups to the fiber structure. It forms a carboxyl group to generate oxidized cellulose, which has the chemical hemostatic effect of agglutinating platelets. After entering the human body, it can be degraded into low-molecular substances and excreted from the body. Use medical gauze tape that can stop bleeding to bandage the wound, and you will surely recover faster and healthier.

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