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Some General Knowledge of Medical Gloves


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As we all know, medical staff will wear medical gloves for protection when receiving patients. Wearing medical gloves can not only avoid cross-infection between patients. It can also protect the health of medical staff.

1. Some general knowledge of medical gloves

Medical gloves are medical equipment with a protective barrier, designed to prevent contamination between patients and medical care, which is very important. Do you have any ideas about choosing nitrile gloves, latex gloves, and PVC gloves?

(1) Sterilized or non-sterile

Sterile gloves are designed for invasive procedures or to treat open wounds, general surgical procedures must have a sterilization process performed by surgical gloves is the potential bacterial protection infection The most popular sterile gloves are widely used in surgical procedures.

(2) Powder free or powdered gloves

Latex medical gloves are the most popular disposable medical gloves for their excellent properties of elasticity, dexterity, latex gloves contain media that cause reactions in a small number of patients, glove powders, sending proteins.

How to choose the right gloves for medical use is an important prerequisite for hand protection or infection barrier medical procedures. First, ensure that the gloves are the right size, in some cases, for a specific purpose, and provide exact guarantees.

2. Correct use of medical gloves

How to wear medical gloves: choose the appropriate size of medical gloves; check the expiration date on the outer packaging of the gloves; check whether the outer packaging is tight; wash hands or sterilize surgical hands before wearing sterile gloves; open the glove bag; lift the opening of the pocket with one hand, Pinch the folded part of the glove (the inner surface of the glove) with the other hand and take out the glove; put it on with the five fingers; lift up the other bag opening in the same way, insert the finger of the medical glove into the inner surface of the other glove, and put the glove on. Next, put the flip of the glove on, put your hands together, and adjust the position of the glove crosswise.

The method of removing medical grade gloves: use the gloved hand to pinch the edge of the contaminated surface of the other glove to take off the glove, hold the removed glove with the gloved hand, and pinch the other glove with the gloved hand. Only clean the edge of the surface (inner surface) of the gloves, take off the gloves, pinch the inside of the gloves with your hands and throw them into the medical waste container. Wash your hands after removing the medical gloves.

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