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Safety Barrier: Medical Drape Sheet


ByWinner Medical

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Safety Barrier: Medical Drape SheetEvent

One of the disposable covers frequently used in surgery is the sterile drape sheet. Because they cannot be recycled, they offer a high level of safety. To protect the patient's life, they are sterilized at the manufacturer. Today, we highlight Winner Medical, a reputable medical supplies manufacturer in China that provides comprehensive surgical kit solutions, including premium medical drape sheets.


What are medical drapes?


Medical drapes are often used in hospitals and other medical facilities to keep patients and staff safe. Medical drapes are usually made to fit specific widths so they can be pulled tight to create a barrier between patients and the outside world.


If you are wearing medical drapes, you must know what they are and what they're for. Medical drapes are usually made of cotton or synthetic materials and can cover a patient's body during surgery or other medical procedures.


3 types of medical drapes


- Universal packs are the most common. They are suitable for all surgery types but primarily for general thoracic and abdominal surgery. They feature a three-dimensional full drape design and have a faster set-up time, greatly facilitating the surgical procedure.

- Split sheets are also often used in surgery because they come in various sizes. These sheets are primarily used in orthopedic surgery and are mainly used to cover the axillae, head, hips, etc.

- Shoulder arthroscopy drapes are a tailor-made solution for arthroscopic procedures, made of tear and abrasion-resistant fabric that acts as a barrier to fluids and bacteria.


Benefits of the Product from Winner Medical


To solve the issue of bacteria in the source and strengthen the safety barrier function of the sterile drape sheet, Winner Medical first addresses the issue of the sterile drape sheet having very little debris coming out to reduce the likelihood of surgical accidents. Secondly, Winner Medical strictly produces the sterile drape sheet by the sterile standard.

Second, Winner Medical manufactures sterile drape sheets under high sterile standards, resolving the issue of textiles contaminated with bacteria at their root and strengthening the safety barrier function of sterile drape sheets.

Thirdly, Winner Medical created sterile drape sheet packaging in a compact size that is convenient to transport and carry. Finally, the sheet is appropriately packaged and folded.

Fourth, for convenience of use, the sterile drape sheet can be used with other surgical kit goods from Winner Medical, such as infusion tubes, racks, fluid collecting bags, instrument covering cloths, etc.

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