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Reliable Wound Care Disposables Manufactured by Winner Medical


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Reliable Wound Care Disposables Manufactured by Winner MedicalEvent

Dressings are one of the basic tools for wound management, and the wide range of dressings and brands on the market makes choosing the right dressing a critical task. adhesive foam dressing from Winner Medical is a great aid to wound care. Wound healing is a physiological process that involves the use of supplies on the human body, and quality and harmlessness are emphasized; Winner Medical's products are reliable and meet high-quality supervision standards, and are sure to provide high-quality supplies for advanced wound care.


The history of dressings: what pain point does foam dressing solve nowadays?

In the early days, natural deep-sea sponges used be widely used for wound treatment, dating back to medieval times. These sponges were mainly used as absorbents and hemostatic agents to control bleeding and for simple wound cleaning. Because these organic substances could not be sterilized and would adhere to the wound, they fell out of fashion by the 19th century.

After technological development, the first foam dressing product for wound management was silastic foam, which was introduced to the market in the 1970s and was used for wound treatment. Two liquid polymers were mixed and poured into the wounded mouth to form a wound-shaped foam. This dressing is cumbersome to use, has to be changed daily, and is prone to residual debris, which is not a patient-friendly experience and does not provide good protection for the wound. Therefore, they are gradually being phased out.

The familiar adhesive foam dressing consists of high-quality silicone foam with a smooth surface and is mainly used for the management of hyperosmolar wounds. In addition, this dressing has a flat surface, does not drop fibers or particles, and has good gas permeability. Above all, it has a high absorption capacity. adhesive foam dressing from Winner Medical is a very high-quality wound dressing product, thanks to Winner Medical's high development and production standards.

Innovative Winner Medical

Winner Medical is the first company to have a complete product line in the disposable medical products market and has received many international certifications, Winner Medical strives to improve the process, quality, and technology of its products to improve the quality and consistency of quality control. At the same time, Winner Medical has always put product quality at the forefront of its corporate culture to create a product line that is widely recognized by the medical industry and has consistent quality control to meet the needs of medical wound care. Seek more information at Winner Medical’s official website.

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