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Preparation of the Angiography Pack


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Preparation of the Angiography PackEvent

Regardless of whether it is disinfected or not, surgical instruments and linens (such as gauze, surgical gowns and wound towels) must be cleaned. The angiography pack should be cleaned with hands or ultrasonic cleaning machine as much as possible after the operation. Items sterilized by high-pressure steam or other methods must be packaged in surgical kits using a special method. Packing is to strengthen the sterilization effect and the storage of sterile items.

1. Placement of angiography pack

Angiography surgery kits should be placed separately in the order used by the surgeon. If steam or gas sterilization is used, choose a durable and soft kit that can be penetrated by steam or gas and is impermeable to microorganisms.

2. Sterilization of angiography pack

When the angiography pack is sterilized with steam or gas, special guidance should be adopted in order to ensure greater gas penetration. The package used for steam sterilization should be wrapped by two thick layers of soft cotton cloth or non-knitted material before sterilization.

3. Use sealable heat insulation paper for packaging after sterilizing the angiography pack

If the package is used immediately after sterilization, it needs to be properly cooled and covered with waterproof and heat-insulating materials. If it is used within 24 hours after sterilization, this is not necessary. Angiography pack for small items can be wrapped in a sealable heat-insulating paper or plastic bag. When using gas sterilization, package with a sealable heat-insulating plastic bag, tube or cotton cloth. When using plasma for sterilization, it should be wrapped in a sealed, heat-insulated extra-strength polyester film bag or polypropylene bag.

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