4 Advantages of Silicone Foam Dressing

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4 Advantages of Silicone Foam Dressing


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4 Advantages of Silicone Foam Dressing 11708

4 Advantages of Silicone Foam DressingEvent

There are many types of dressing that one can use to ensure the health of their skin. One such dressing that is on the rise is silicone  Foam Dressing . Here, we break down four of these advantages to give a better understanding of what you can expect when using this kind of treatment.


What is a silicone foam dressing?

A silicone foam dressing is a type of wound dressing that is made from a mixture of silicone and water. It is used to seal cuts and abrasions in the skin.

Different types of foam dressings are similar to the functional principle. The foam dressings effectively absorb exudate from the wound, and provides a moist wound-healing environment to treat wound in the action of top polyurethane film. Foam dressings are divided into two categories, general foam dressing, and silicone foam dressing.

Pros of silicone foam

There are a number of advantages to using silicone foam dressing for wound care. These benefits include:

1. General foam dressing products are divided into foam dressing without border and foam dressing with border. They can absorb up to 15 times exudates of their own weight, helping to reduce dressing change frequency. Foam dressing with border can provide self-adhesive effect.

2. Silicone foam dressing is gentle on the skin and does not likely to irritate sensitive skin.

3. It is a fast-drying dressing that can be applied easily and quickly.

4. It provides excellent coverage and protection for wounds.

Three types of silicone foam dressing

There are three types of silicone foam dressing, silicone foam dressing without border, silicone foam lite dressing with border, and silicone foam dressing with border.

Silicone net contact layer provides gentle adhesion and secure fixation minimizes pain and trauma without damaging the wound or surrounding skin when dressing changes, and enhances patient comfort. The silicone foam dressing with border contains nonwoven of SAF and viscose fiber blended, it can significantly promote the dressing to absorb and retain exudate by forming gel, greatly reducing the risk of skin maceration.


Silicone foam dressing is a great option for people who are looking for an easy and affordable way to dress their wounds. So Winner Medical silicone foam dressing can be a great choice for people.

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