The Difference Between Medical Non Woven and Ordinary Non Woven

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The Difference Between Medical Non Woven and Ordinary Non Woven


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The Difference Between Medical Non Woven and Ordinary Non Woven 11300

The Difference Between Medical Non Woven and Ordinary Non WovenEvent

Medical non woven is a kind of fabric that does not need to be spun and woven. It is mainly bonded together directly by physical methods, so when you paste it, you will find that you can't pull the thread from the non-woven fabric. It breaks through the traditional textile method. Compared with traditional pure cotton woven textiles, medical non woven fabrics are moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light-weight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-irritating, low-priced, and recyclable. Such advantages are very suitable for the medical field. Medical non woven is widely used because of its unique characteristics. However, after a period of observation, we found that most people are unable to distinguish the difference between it and ordinary non woven fabrics. Now Winner will introduce you to the difference between them.

1. Multiple antivirus compatibility of medical non woven

Good medical non woven fabrics need to be applied to various anti-virus methods at the same time, preferably choosing pressure steam method, ethylene oxide method and hydrogen peroxide method. Common non-woven fabrics have not been disinfected.

2. The anti-virus effect of medical non woven

Medical non woven fabrics generally have a three-layer SMMMS meltblown layer structure. Common medical non woven fabrics in the industry use a single-layer SMS melt-blown layer. In contrast, the anti-toxicity of a three-layer structure is better than that of a single layer. The common non woven fabric is not for medical use, so there is no melt-blown layer in the middle and no antivirus effect.

3. Medical non woven is environmentally friendly

High-quality medical non woven fabrics use PP environmental protection particles. It is recommended that reports related to health and toxicology requirements be issued. However, ordinary non-medical non woven fabrics cannot withstand high humidity conditions and certainly do not require toxicology reports.

4. Strict quality control of medical non woven

The production process of a high-quality medical non woven fabric needs to pass the ISO13485 international medical product quality management system certification, and conduct real-time online inspections at every step of the production process. This ensures that each non woven fabric is sent to the quality inspection department and has a related batch inspection report. However, ordinary non-medical non woven fabrics do not need to be tested at the medical level.

Medical non woven fabrics can be used by people only after they have passed strict inspections. Therefore, when purchasing, you must choose a regular manufacturer, so as to avoid buying products of substandard quality and causing economic losses.

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