Small Medical Cotton Swabs Are of Great Use

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Small Medical Cotton Swabs Are of Great Use


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Small Medical Cotton Swabs Are of Great UseEvent

Patients often use medical cotton swabs when they go to the hospital for infusion, injection or treatment. In addition to the special cotton swabs used in hospitals, we can also buy ordinary cotton swabs in supermarkets. So what is the difference between these two cotton swabs? Here is a brief introduction for you.

1. Roles of disposable medical cotton buds

The varieties of cotton swabs can be divided into electronic and optoelectronic cotton swabs, medical and cosmetic cotton swabs, household cotton swabs, and other industrial fields. The materials and shapes of cotton swabs are diverse and can be adapted to wipe with various solvents. Household cotton swabs are small and powerful, and cotton swabs are widely used, such as cleaning certain parts of the human body, such as ears. It can also be used for wiping if it is injured, and it can be used for makeup remover for ladies who often make-up.

However, it is worth mentioning that cotton swabs also have advantages and disadvantages. Good cotton swabs must be designed to be suitable for use by children, and the materials must be safe, free of fluorescent agents, and the cotton needs to be soft and comfortable. Children's

is mainly used to clean the dirt in the folds of the belly button, especially for newborns. It can remove the dirt accumulated in the ear holes, clean the secretions in the nasal cavity, and wipe the eye dirt in the corners of the eyes. etc.

2. The difference between the medical cotton swab and ordinary cotton swab

(1) Different materials

Medical cotton swabs are made in accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry standards. It is generally made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch wood. Ordinary cotton swabs sold in supermarkets generally use cotton or sponge as raw materials.

(2) Requirements and uses are not used

Compared with ordinary cotton swabs, medical cotton swabs have stricter requirements. They must go through the disinfection process, and there is no irritation or harm in direct contact with the human body, and they have good water absorption. Therefore, it is often used as an auxiliary for wound treatment. Ordinary cotton swabs are more for external use, so the requirements are lower and the cost is low.

(3) Different storage conditions

In addition to the above two differences, their storage conditions are also different. Medical cotton swabs are generally sealed separately and need to be stored in a dry, well-ventilated room with no corrosive materials; while ordinary cotton swabs should also be kept sealed and kept from contact with dust as much as possible.

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