Methods of Medical Grade Bandages for Oral Cavity

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Methods of Medical Grade Bandages for Oral Cavity


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Methods of Medical Grade Bandages for Oral Cavity 11117

Methods of Medical Grade Bandages for Oral CavityEvent

Medical bandage tape is also a more important issue in the first aid of the oral and maxillofacial wounded. The medical-grade bandages in emergency treatment have the effect of compression and hemostasis. It has the effect of temporarily fixing the fracture fragments, avoiding mutual friction, pain, and bleeding near the blood vessels caused by the movement of the fracture ends. These are very necessary for wound further processing. Wounds that have undergone debridement treatment are often bandaged to achieve compression hemostasis and fixation of dressings. The following methods are commonly used for a medical bandage of the maxillofacial region:

Ⅰ. The four-tail bandage method of medical bandage tape

Take a section of the medical grade bandage, tear it into a four-tail shape, and put gauze or cotton pad on the wound. After bandaging, ligate and fix the four tail ends on the head. If the chin is bandaged, the two tail ends are ligated to the top through the face side, and the other two ends are ligated to the occiput through the submandibular ligation, and then the two ends are ligated and fixed.

Ⅱ. Cross bandage dressing method

Wrap a bandage around the forehead and pillow 2 to 3 times, fold it from one side, go from the front of the ear to the chin and down to the opposite side, and then wrap it in a ring shape from the front of the ear to the top. Rep this process several times, and secure the ends with tape. To achieve the same effect, after circumnavigating the forehead and occiput 2 to 3 times, the end of the bandage can be passed through the bandage around the head without reflexing the method.

Ⅲ. Medical grade bandage warp into the shape of figure 8

Use a medical bandage to pass through the right preauricular area from the top, go down the chin to the left front of the ear, then go up to the top back to the rear of the pillow, and go behind the left ear and pass the chin to the right preauricular area. Go up around the top and return to the pillow, go behind the right ear, around the chin, and then reach the left preauricular area, making an "8" shape, reciprocating several times, and fix the end with adhesive tape; make a medical bandage on the maxillofacial region. When bandaging, please be careful not to make it compress the neck and push the mandible backward, so as not to affect breathing.

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