Medical Consumables: What You Need to Know

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Medical Consumables: What You Need to Know


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Medical Consumables: What You Need to Know 11003

Medical Consumables: What You Need to KnowEvent

Winner Medical has made a name by providing quality medical equipment to patients worldwide. It has some key areas worth discussing, including medical consumables.


Introduction: What are medical consumables?


Medical consumables are any items used in the medical field. These can include bandages, gloves, needles, and syringes. Some medical consumables are necessary for treatment, while others are used to prevent infection.


The most common medical consumables and their main uses


Medical consumables are items used to treat, diagnose or prevent medical conditions. The most common medical consumables are pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and medical supplies.

One of the main uses of medical consumables is to prevent infection. Using items such as gloves and masks can help prevent the spread of infection from one person to another. This is especially important when dealing with susceptible patients, such as the elderly or those with multiple health conditions. In addition, the use of medical consumables such as disinfectants and disinfectant wipes can reduce the risk of infection.


Common medical consumables at Winner Medical


1. Wound dressings: wound dressings, self-adhesive, transparent dressings, etc.

2. Medical disinfection tablets, sponges, cotton swabs, etc.

3. Cotton products: medical gauze, medical bandages, etc.

4. Surgical categories: surgical sheets, medical gloves, protective clothing, surgical gowns, etc.


Disinfection method of medical consumables before use


Sterilization of medical consumables is very important to prevent the spread of disease. Depending on the product type, the disinfection methods for medical consumables are also different. Below we outline the most common methods of sterilizing medical consumables:

1. High-pressure steam sterilization: It can sterilize cloth, gauze, cotton, rubber materials, etc.

2. Dry heat sterilization: Sterilize with an electric heater or infrared oven. It can be used for gelatin sponge medical consumables unsuitable for autoclaving.

For disposable medical consumables, the individual packaging can be dismantled immediately after use without disinfection, but you still need to disinfect your hands before use.

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