Instruction for the Application of the Medical Bandage

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Instruction for the Application of the Medical Bandage


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Instruction for the Application of the Medical BandageEvent

The application of medical bandages in surgery is mainly to bandage wounds and prevent wounds from bleeding and infection. In orthopedics, they are used to prevent the medical splints from falling off, so that the medical splints can be firmly fixed at the patient's fracture. The use of medical bandage tape and the precautions for medical bandage tape should not be ignored. Not all injuries can be wrapped with medical adhesive bandage.

1. Precautions for using medical bandages

Before using the medical bandage, you must pay attention to the patient's injury. In the precautions for medical bandages, the patient's injured part can be used without the possibility of swelling. During operation, because some special bandages will stick to the bare skin or clothes, medical staff must wear protective gloves when operating to prevent the bandage from sticking to the hands of medical staff. Some bandages will generate some heat during use, and the patient may feel uncomfortable. The more layers of this kind of bandage are wound, the greater the heat, so according to the patient's ability to adapt, choose a suitable dressing method. The patient must be reminded not to get the medical bandage wet. If the bandage has been damp for a long time, it will always wrap the skin, which will cause the skin to become uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

2. Instruction for using medical bandages

When the medical staff bandages the patient, they first use a cotton fabric to set off the patient's bandaged area, and then wrap some cotton fabrics to set off the easily worn parts. According to the patient's injury, use medical bandages reasonably and take corresponding measures to carry out spiral wrapping. For each wrap, the width of the overlapped part of the bandage should be controlled within 1/3 of the width of the bandage. Tighten the bandage gently. Smooth the bandage during the wrapping, keep the bandage smooth, so that each layer of bandage can be better supported and bonded togethe

According to the patient's injury, choose the appropriate method of using medical adhesive bandage to effectively bandage the injured part of the patient. After the bandage is completed, tell the patient to review on time. The correct use of medical bandages can reduce unnecessary troubles in application, maximize its efficiency, and enable patients to receive effective dressing treatment as soon as possible.

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