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How to Select High-quality Medical Cotton Swabs?


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How to Select High-quality Medical Cotton Swabs? 10851

How to Select High-quality Medical Cotton Swabs?Event

1. The valid period of the medical cotton swab

Medical cotton swabs generally come into direct contact with the wound of the patient and require high levels of sterilization. In addition, for the selection of absorbent cotton raw materials for making cotton swabs, raw materials that meet the requirements of national standards and industry standards must be selected. There is also the requirement for the quality of the bar, whether it is a plastic bar, a paper bar or a wooden bar, it should meet the specified requirements and be able to withstand a certain external force without permanent deformation or breaking. The correct way to use medical cotton swabs is to open the bag and use it. The wound can be treated directly. But be careful to store the cotton swabs in a room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, and well ventilated, and avoid high temperature.

Generally speaking, medical cotton swabs are valid for two years. As for how long it can be used after opening, it should be decided according to the shelf life. At the same time, the storage must be scientifically correct to be able to use for a longer period of time.

2. How to select the medical cotton swab

(1) When purchasing medical cotton swabs, please read the product packaging label and product manual first. Medical cotton swabs are generally divided into two types, one is non-sterile and the other is sterile. The

product manual or finished product package states whether it is aseptic or non-sterile.

(2) Medical cotton swabs packaged aseptically can be used directly, while medical cotton swabs packaged in a non-sterile manner must be sterilized before use.

(3) For medical cotton swabs with aseptic packaging, the aseptic expiration date, delivery date or production batch number and packaging must be stated in the packaging mark, as well as install damaged prohibition instructions or signs, disposable instructions or prohibit re-use signs. If the package is found to be damaged or the expiration date has expired, you should no longer purchase or use.

(4) The purchase of medical cotton swabs also depends on the appearance of the product. The cotton tip of the medical cotton swab should be soft, odorless, tasteless, pure white in color, free of other fibers and processed materials, and the bamboo swab should be smooth and hard.

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