How to Choose the Right Exam Gloves?

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How to Choose the Right Exam Gloves?


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How to Choose the Right Exam Gloves? 10987

How to Choose the Right Exam Gloves?Event

1. Choose the right exam gloves according to the material

Depending on the material and usage of the gloves, the working performance of the exam gloves may vary. When choosing the right exam gloves for each situation, please consider the advantages and limitations of these materials:

Natural latexVinylNeoprene
Puncture resistance/durability
Comfort and tactile sensitivity

Nitrile exam gloves have balanced performance, low cost and no risk of latex allergy, and have become the first choice for the healthcare industry.

2. The characteristics of nitrile exam gloves

(1) No powder

The FDA has banned the use of powdered exam gloves since January 18, 2017, because they pose a huge risk to patients and medical staff. Ensure that they ar nitrile exam gloves powder free.

(2) Thickness (ASTM D3767)

Choose the thickness of the glove according to the risk level. Thicker exam gloves are generally more protective with less comfort and tactile sensitivity.

(3) Length

When the exposed area is wide or unknown or there is a risk of patency (liquid flowing between the medical suit and gloves), longer exam gloves should be selected.

(4) Tensile strength (ASTM D412)

Aim for high tensile strength (the force applied to the glove until it breaks, the thickness is standardized). Also consider the force at break, which is not standardized for thickness. This will give you a better understanding of the durability of nitrile exam gloves.

(5) Ultimate elongation (ASTM D412)

Look for a high level of stretch so that the gloves will not break when they are stressed or caught during the procedure.

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