Functions and Material Types of Gauze Bandage

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Functions and Material Types of Gauze Bandage


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Functions and Material Types of Gauze Bandage 17581

Functions and Material Types of Gauze BandageEvent

Gauze bandages are widely used in homes and medical places. Gauze bandages are common medical supplies. They are generally used to wrap wounds or affected areas. There are many different types, and the functions of gauze bandages are more comprehensive.

Ⅰ. Functions of gauze bandage

The function of a gauze bandage is commonplace. It is a material that is used to repair and protect damaged parts. It is a medical necessity for surgical procedures. A simple gauze bandage is made of cotton or gauze. It is commonly used on the human body's limbs, tail, head, chest, and abdomen. Another type of gauze bandage is more in charge of the key point. This gauze bandage aims to create gauze bandages of various shapes based on the affected area and shape. The material is also changed to a single-layer cotton cloth. Different thicknesses of cotton cloth can be sandwiched together to increase the thickness and protect the affected area when using a double-layer cotton cloth. These hospital gauze bandages are wrapped in cloth strips so that medical personnel can tie knots and repair the patient's affected area. Gauze bandages generally include back waist gauze bandages, front chest gauze bandages, eye gauze bandages, abdominal gauze bandages and so on. There is also a special bandage gauze, which is mostly used for fixing the limbs and joints of the human body.

Ⅱ. Material types of gauze bandages

There are many types of gauze bandages, such as 100% cotton plain weave gauze bandages, wrinkled elastic gauze bandages, spandex elastic gauze bandages, PBT elastic gauze bandages, cotton woven edge gauze bandages, and viscose gauze bandages. The function of a gauze bandage is closely related to its type. Reel gauze bandages are also called single bandages. There are three materials: cotton, gauze and elastic rolls. According to the different parts of the tape, there are various names, including the head, the tail, the body, the inner surface, the outer surface, the upper side, and the lower side. And some parts of the mouth.

The enhanced version of the reel gauze bandage is a double-ended gauze bandage. As the name suggests, it has two heads, and its function and size are roughly the same as the reel gauze bandage. There is also a kind of hospital gauze bandage, called triangle gauze bandage, also called triangle scarf. This gauze bandage is made of natural-colour cotton cloth, that is, cotton cloth with four equal sides and a length of about one meter is cut diagonally to make it into two large triangles. Then cut the finished triangle scarf from the centerline of the top edge to the bottom edge. It can be split into two relatively small triangle scarfs. Different parts have different names. They are: bottom edge, vertex, and left and right points. Their most important role is to suspend the arm and forearm and hold it.

The hospital gauze bandage has many functions, and the flexible use of the gauze bandage can greatly improve the function of the gauze bandage itself and is better used for dressing the affected area of the patient.

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