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Advanced Wound Care Solutions

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

Independent R&D and production from materials to final products, focusing on wound solutions for 30 years

R&D Capabilities

CNAS laboratory, more than 100 professional researchers

Cooperate with University & Chinese Academy of Sciences on academic research

250+ patents, assisted in the formulation of 12 Chinese industry standards

Product Strengths

30 years engaging in medical materials and dressings

European CE, American 510(k) clearence and product listing for some of the products, Japanese certification

Serving more than 110 countries and regions on 5 continents

Guides to Advanced Wound Care Products

What is the Advanced Wound Care Solution

Winner Medical, a beacon in healthcare, offers cutting-edge advanced wound care solutions, delivering superior skin care products for addressing acute and chronic wounds. From those stemming from conditions like diabetes, immobility, and venous disease to traumatic injuries, burns, invasive surgeries, and other causes, our comprehensive range ensures optimal care. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect, providing healthcare professionals and patients alike with advanced wound care solutions that prioritize healing and well-being.  

Why Choose Us

As a leading provider of advanced wound care solutions, Winner Medical has dedicated years to the field of wound management, consistently investing in research, development, and technological innovation. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the creation of advanced wound care materials and breakthrough technologies that form the basis of perfect wound healing materials and surgical dressings. Our approach covers the entire cycle of wound healing, and we've launched a series of advanced wound care products and solutions, offering comprehensive care from the initial stages to complete recovery. Addressing crucial clinical challenges such as wound cleansing, exudate management, and infection prevention, we've supported medical professionals worldwide in treating and preventing complex wounds, including ulcers, burns, postoperative wounds, and diabetic feet. Winner Medical's advanced dressings adhere to the highest standards, holding approvals from the Chinese CFDA, the EU's CE, the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, and listings from the U.S. FDA. Our steadfast dedication to advancing wound care reflects our mission to offer patients optimal care throughout their healing journey.

What's the Difference between Advanced and Traditional Wound Care Solution

The intricacies of the wound healing process are addressed through two distinct approaches: traditional wound care (TWC) and advanced wound care (AWC). While traditional methods safeguard wounds from contamination, Winner Medical's advanced wound care solutions elevate treatment standards in clinical and everyday practice.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.

Silicone, known for its non-reactive nature with wounds and gentle effect on surrounding skin, stands out as the ideal material for advanced wound care. Winner Medical provides Silicone oil, rolls, and dressings, ensuring a comfortable wound contact layer for optimal healing.


Foaming emerges as the ideal material in advanced wound care, particularly for fostering moist wound healing with active ingredients, additives, and laminates. As a dedicated supplier of wound dressings, Winner Medical excels in the complete R&D and production processes for foam dressings, offering diverse and highly customizable options for our customers.

Antimicrobial Solution

Antibiosis stands out as an advanced wound care solution, offering a more efficient, sustained, comfortable, and safer approach for the wounded. Winner Medical prioritizes this cutting-edge method, ensuring optimal care and recovery.

Film, gel, and collagen, recognized as advanced wound care materials, play a crucial role in promoting the healing of burns and incision wounds. Winner Medical's commitment to research and self-production ensures a comprehensive range of advanced wound care solutions for both prevention and treatment.

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