Renal Dressing Pack

Renal Dressing Pack

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Renal Dressing Pack Description

Sterile dressing packs are designed in accordance with procedure type to meet the needs of wound care, clinical examination, minor surgery prep and procedure. All kits are assembled using high quality components at clean room and all components are packaged in a convenient way to save staff time. The sterile, ready-to-use format is standardized for clinical treatment, helps to reduce hospital acquired infection.

Renal Dressing Pack Benefits

Infection control-infection prevention is one of prime importance among healthcare providers and patients, disposable sterile dressing kits help to prevent HAI(hospital acquired infection).

Time saving-time is crucial for patients; sterile dressing kits will improve clinical efficiency and save time for doctors to diagnose.

Cost effective-from procurement to sterilization, our one-site purchase systemprovides you complete supply chain, give you most cost effective choice

Easy storage-the all-in-one and ready-to-use sterile dressing kits are suitable for many healthcare settings, components are sequentially packaged, compact packaging is easy to store and deliver.

Renal Dressing Pack Specification

Ref No. 902 001


Start Pack:Finish pack:

1 x Plastic tray, green, with 3 compartments, 12.6×10.7×2.5cm

1 set/blister, 80 blisters/cs

5 x Cotton balls, 0.5g/pc

5 x Gauze swab, 7.5 x 7.5cm-12ply

1 x Drape, 45x45cm

1 x 10ml Syringe, lure-lock

1 x Waste bag, 45x35cm

1 x Sterile field, 45x45cm

1 x Drape, 45x45cm

5 x Gauze Swab, 7.5×7.5cm-12ply

Ref No. 902 002


2 x Gallipot, 150ml

1 set/blister, 20 blisters/cs

1 x Kidney dish, yellow, 700ml

1 x Kidney dish, blue, 700ml

1 x Sterile filed, 75x75cm

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