Renal Dialysis Pack Ⅱ

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Renal Dialysis Pack Ⅱ

Renal Dialysis Pack Ⅱ

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Renal Dialysis Pack Ⅱ Description

We offer an extensive product portfolio to ensure the right pack for the right procedure, maximizing value and minimizing waste. Our wide variety of catheter solutions meet virtually every procedural need of insertion or removal in catheter application, increase safety compliance. By combining all catheter supplies in one convenient pack, you are able to achieve efficiencies that enable you to focus on the safety and comfort of the patient.

Renal Dialysis Pack Ⅱ Benefits

Time saving-time is crucial for patients; sterile dressing kits will improve clinical efficiency and save time for doctors to diagnose.

Cost effective-from procurement to sterilization, our one-site purchase systemprovides you complete supply chain, give you most cost effective choice

Easy storage-the all-in-one and ready-to-use sterile dressing kits are suitable for many healthcare settings, components are sequentially packaged, compact packaging is easy to store and deliver.

Renal Dialysis Pack Ⅱ Specification

Renal Dialysis Pack II ( on & off system )

2 (on) Adhesive strip, 6x10cm

5 (on) + 2 (off) Adhesive strip, 2.5x15cm

5 (on) Nonwoven balls, 30mm

5 (on) + 5 (off) Nonwoven sponges

1 (on) Tray, 2 compartment

1 (on) Wrapping field, 50x60cm

1 (on) + 1 (off), Folded field, 45x65cm

1 (on) Forceps, green