Incontinence Nursing Pads

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Incontinence Nursing Pads

Incontinence Nursing Pads

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Incontinence Nursing Pads Description

1. They are made of 100%  skin-friendly cotton. Say goodbye to "Awkward"(suitable for people with incontinent and fragile skin)!

2. Give you all the soft feel(more than 20 processes to create skin-friendly cotton layer for your delicate skin).

3. Say goodbye to "Awkward"! Live your happy life!

4. Strong odor inhibition and effective water lock(Ammonia removal high molecular material achieving effective odor inhibition and water lock).

5. Invisible, close-fitting, soft and traceless (ergonomic design and professional nursing).

6. 8 times the amount of absorption (it can absorb the liquid more than 8 times the weight of its own).