Adult Diaper

Adult Diaper

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Adult Diaper Description

QINGFULI is a professional medical-grade brand of adult incontinence care. We continuously provide incontinence care products and care solutions for users and have developed into a comprehensive service platform for senior living.

Cloud-soft skin-friendly adult diapers:

1. They are middle and high-end products with 100% cotton surface. We create skin-friendly (ideal) products for our users.

2. It has strong absorption, elastic sustained-release rear waist, double leakage prevention and intelligent urine display.

3. They are the middle and high-end products with the most premium capacity in the industry.

Lightweight double core adult diapers:

1. They are  high-end products with 100% cotton surface. They are skin-friendly (ideal) adult diapers products.

2. We adopt the unique and innovative double-core composite technology which is an original technology in the adult incontinence industry, making diapers soft, close-fitting, skin-friendly, thin and highly absorbent.

3. We use materials of baby diapers.

4. We have achieved many innovations and breakthroughs in product technology, materials and technology, leading the development and transformation of the adult incontinence industry.

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