Cystoscopy Drape

Cystoscopy Drape

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Cystoscopy Set Description

Designed for minor surgical procedures with a patient in a lithotomy position, e.g conisation,cerclage, cystoscopy. The drape is made of SMS or laminated fabric (2-layers or 3-layers nonwoven fabric) depending on requirements.

Hand Surgery Set Benefits

Safe barrier function against liquid and bacterial transmission;

Optimal folding for aseptic application;

Three dimensional full draping design, easy for one person to use;

Integrated with elastic apertures for draping of all contours of the body

Hand Surgery Set Specification

Ref No.Description


1 x Table cover, PE film, 150x190cm; with reinforcement:75x190cm


1 x Mayo stand cover, PE film, 80×145; with reinforcement: 75x90cm


1 x Hand drape, 2-layer laminated fabric, 370/175×290, elastic aperture 4cm, with integrated tube retainer


1 x Adhesive drape, 2-layer, 75x90cm


1 x Adhesive tape, 10x50cm


2 x Towels, 30x40cm


1 x Stockinette 30x75cm

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