Super Absorbent Wound Dressing

Super Absorbent Wound Dressing

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Super Absorbent Wound Dressing Description

Super Absorbent Dressing is a new generation advanced wound dressing, the construction made it ideal for heavily exuding wounds, the dressing absorbs wound exudate through the wound contact layer, retains the exudate within the core and minimizes the risk for maceration. The fluid-repellent nonwoven backing acts as a barrier and prevents exudate strike-through. Absorb the exudate fast, and retain it super well with no maceration to the periwound as well as to prevent the bacterial to the wounds.

A 5-layer construction working in a precise sequence to deliver optimal performance and maximize the exudate absorbing capacity.

●  Hydrophilic PE/PET wound contact layer, non-sticking to the skin;

●  Distribution layer- hydrophilic PP;

● Central absorbent core contains SAP polymer, to absorb the liquid;

● SMS nonwoven backing layer, to repell the liquid even under compression





Applicable Population

Burns, pressure ulcers, arteriovenous ulcers, etc. More economical than foam dressings.


Manage moderate to severe exudate wounds, such as diabetic feet, pressure ulcer, leg venous and arterial ulcers, burns, postoperative wounds and traumatic wounds.

Super Absorbent Wound Dressing Benefits

  1. Super soft and comfortable wound contact layer;

  2. Higher absorption capacity even under pressure.

  3. Able to absorb high density exudate.

  4. Excellent retention, which can reduce the risk of maceration.

  5. The hydrophilic wound contact layer transmits fluid to central core and does not adhere to the wound site;

  6. The central absorbent core contains SAP polymer, bring about outstanding absorption and retention capacity;

  7. The dressing locks fluid inside the dressing even under pressure, helping to decrease the risk of maceration

  8. The fluid-repellent nonwoven backing acts as a barrier and prevents exudate strike-through.

Super Absorbent Wound Dressing Application

Super absorbent dressing also known as super absorbent bandages is indicated for the moderate to heavily exuding wounds, for example

diabetic foot ulcer

pressure ulcer

leg venous and arterial ulcer

first and second degree burns

post-operative wounds

traumatic wounds.

Super Absorbent Dressing is indicated for the malodourous wounds with moderate to heavily exudate, such as diabetic foot ulcer, pressure ulcer, leg venous and arterial ulcer, first and second degree burns, post-operative wounds and traumatic wounds. Contact us for more absorbent wound pads info!

Super Absorbent Wound Dressing Specification

REF NO.Spec.Packaging

106 001


10pcs/box, 48boxes/case

106 002


10pcs/box, 36boxes/case

106 003


10pcs/box, 32boxes/case

106 004


10pcs/box, 30boxes/case

106 005


10pcs/box, 18boxes/case

Super Absorbent Wound Dressing Clinical Study


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