Hydrocolloid Heel Dressing

Hydrocolloid Heel Dressing

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Hydrocolloid Heel Dressing Description

The hydrocolloid heel dressing is made of water-soluble polymer particles as the main raw material. After covering the wound, the water-soluble polymer particles absorb water and swell, providing a moist healing environment for the wound. The surface polyurethane film is waterproof.

It consists of a base material, an absorbent pad and a peelable protective layer. The absorbent pad is made of a viscous hydrocolloid that can absorb exudate.

Waterproof, long-lasting adhesion, skin-friendly, individual sachet packaging, clean and hygienic, take as needed.

It is suitable for first aid and temporary dressing of small wounds, abrasions, cuts and other superficial wounds, and can be used for the protection of intact skin.

Hydrocolloid Heel Dressing Advantages

1. Water-soluble polymer particles form a gel after absorbing exudate, locking exudate to avoid wound impregnation, and reducing discomfort and pain when changing the dressing.

2. It can provides a moist wound healing environment.

3. It is self-adhesive and easy to use. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from, which are suitable for wounds in different parts.

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