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Alginate Dressing in Sheet

Alginate Dressing in Sheet

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Alginate Dressing in Sheet Description

Alginate dressing is an advanced dressing for wounds. When the dressing applies to the wound, the gel can be rapidly formed to provide a moist environment to promote wound healing because the calcium ions in the dressing interact with the sodium ions in the fluid of the wound. In addition, alginate dressing can be cut to fit different shapes of wounds.


For the high quality of the alginate dressing in medical, this alginate dressing for wounds has been certified by NMPA,, and CE, which are the quality and safety certifications for medical devices at home and abroad.

Alginate Dressing in Sheet Benefits

Alginate dressing is an advanced dressing in medical with the material -- Alginate. Alginate enjoys high wet strength and is naturally hemostatic.

  • 1. High absorbency

Alginate fiber can become a cohesive gel when in contact with wound exude, reducing the risk of maceration. This way, alginate dressing can absorb a large amount of exudate and reduce dressing change frequency. 

  • 2. Clean and no residues

The high wet strength of Alginate makes the dressing for one-piece removal without pain or trauma.

  • 3. Flexibility 

The alginate dressing in medical can be cut and shaped for the wound bed

Alginate Dressing in Sheet Application

Because of the high absorbency, alginate dressing in medical is indicated for moderate to heavily exuding wounds. The application of alginate dressings may include:

  • 1.Pressure ulcer

  • 2.Leg venous and arterial ulcer

  • 3.Diabetic foot ulcer

  • 4.Superficial burns. superficial and partial thickness burns

  • 5.Skin grafts and donor site

  • 6.Post-operative and traumatic wounds

Alginate Dressing in sheet Specification