Alginate Dressing in Roll

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Alginate Dressing in Roll

Alginate Dressing in Roll

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Alginate Dressing in Roll Description





Applicable Population

Can be used for cavernous wound packing, drainage and wound bed filling, suitable for burn, pressure ulcers, arteriovenous ulcers, diabetic foot, cavernous wound patients


Manage moderate to severe exudate wounds, such as diabetic feet, pressure ulcer, leg venous and arterial ulcers, burns, postoperative wounds and traumatic wounds. Also can be used for acute mild bleeding wounds. Long strips can be used for cavernous and sinus wounds filling.

Alginate Dressing in Roll Benefits

1. Absorbs large amount of exudate, enhances wear time and reduces dressing change frequency; High absorbency can be compared to the market leading brands, absorbs 20 times its own weight.

2. Alginate fiber transforms to cohesive gel which reduces the risk of maceration; Alginate dressing absorbs fluid and transforms fiber to cohesive gel; the “gel block” character reduces the risk of maceration.

3. The unique dressing integrity makes for one-piece removal.

4. Does not adhere to wound site, can be easily removed without pain or trauma.

5. The gel provides a moist environment for the wound bed and facilitates healing process.

Alginate Dressing in Roll Application

Alginate dressing is indicated for the moderate to heavily exuding wounds, for example:

Pressure ulcer

Leg venous and arterial ulcer

Diabetic foot ulcer

First and second degree burns

Skin grafts and donor site

Post-operative and traumatic wounds

Alginate Dressing in Rope Specification