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Product Description:

The protective mask is composed of 4 layers of non-woven fabric. It can be divided into folded shape and arch shape. There are two types of ear straps: hedging type and hanging ear type. The bridge of the nose is made of aluminum or double-iron core plastic skin with a better shaping effect.

Product Advantages:

1. Low breathing resistance, no peculiar smell, no irritation;

2. It feels comfortable to wear. It does not contain glass fiber, does not contain rubber, and is not easy to cause allergies;

3. PFE (non-oily particle filtration efficiency) ≥95%;

4. It meets the adhesion requirements of China and Europe, and its facial fit is good;

5. It uses ultrasonic welding technology, so it is more comfortable to wear;

6. It adopts a folding design, which is more convenient for storage and transportation.

Product Application:

It can not only block oily or non-oily particulate matter but also help reduce respiratory exposure to certain pathogens in the air.

It is not suitable for respiratory protection against harmful gases and vapors; and it is not suitable for oxygen-deficient environments, underwater operations, and fire breathing protection.

Winner Medical Co., Ltd.Types of Particulate Respirator

What is a particulate respirator?

A particulate respirator is designed to protect wearers from airborne particles generated by medical instruments. In healthcare, it help reduce the exposure to biological aerosols with bacteria and viruses. Besides, it is resistant to such infectious fluid materials as splash of blood. Evaluated, tested and certified by NIOSH, our particulate respirator shows relatively high filter efficiency and breathing resistance. Generally, when your respirator becomes wet, damaged, visibly dirty, or contaminated with body fluid, you should consider changing a new one.

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