The masks mainly use medical non-woven fabric as raw material, and it is free of fiberalass and rubber.

Raw Material Advantages of Winner Face Mask:

It mainly uses medical non-woven fabric as raw material. Winner medical mask does not contain glass fiber and rubber and is not easy to be allergic to. The flat mask meets the requirements of relevant domestic and foreign standards such as YY/T0969, YY0469, EN 14683, ASTM F2100, and so on. The protective mask meets the requirements of relevant domestic and foreign standards such as GB 19083, EN 149, 42 CFR Part 84, and so on.

Production Advantages of Winner Face Mask:

The production equipment is highly automated and intelligent. Winner currently has 5 high-speed mask machines, 150 flat mask machines, and other 40 qualified model mask machines. In addition, the raw material production line also has a 1 melt blown line and 1 water electret line to ensure the delivery of customer orders. So if you want to buy face masks in bulk, contact with us. As a face mask manufacturer, Winner could provide you various types of face masks, including kid's medical mask, disposable antiviral facemasks, virus protection mask, disposable face mask and so on.

Environmental advantages of of Winner Face Mask:

Winner has established production plants and workshops in full compliance with GMP requirements. Its purification and asepsis reach 100000 or 300000 level dust-free environment. In addition, there are 16,229 square meters of 100,000-level clean workshops and 27,011 square meters of 300,000-level clean workshops.


Types of Masks

  • Face Mask
    Face Mask
    Face Mask Description:The product is mainly composed of multi-layer non-woven fabric: the outer layer and the inner layer is PP spun bond non-woven fabric. In the middle is high standard low resistanc...
  • Particulate Respirator
    Particulate Respirator
    Product Description:The protective mask is composed of 4 layers of non-woven fabric. It can be divided into folded shape and arch shape. There are two types of ear straps: hedging type and hanging ear...
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