Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

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Hand Sanitizer Description

It is mainly composed of 75% edible alcohol and benzethonium chloride. It is mainly used to disinfect hands, especially in the absence of water.

Hand Sanitizer Selling Points

75% edible alcohol can quickly disinfect your hands. Benzethonium chloride can inhibit bacteria for a long time. It contains the skincare ingredients certified by European Union ECOCERT, so it can disinfect your hands without hurting them. It can give you non-tacky and comfortable skin.

Hand Sanitizer Benefits

Shea Butter-scented Bubble Hand Sanitizer, the foam is dense and easy to rinse. After washing your hands, it leaves your fingertips with a fresh smell.

Adding amino acid surfactant for gentle stain removal, rich foam and easy rinsing.

Contains xylitol skin care ingredients, weak acidic pH value, soft and skin-friendly without tightness.

Hand Sanitizer Application

Suitable for daily hand cleaning.

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