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Alcohol Pad for Hand Disinfection

Alcohol Pad for Hand Disinfection

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Alcohol Pad Benefits

Fast, effective and quick-drying disinfection.

Single sachet format ensures optimum amount of alcohol on each wipe.

Light, convenient to carry, individual sachets.

Free of binding agents and optical brighteners.

Clean production standards, 70%-75% alcohol forms a protective film.

99.9% sterilization rate immediate.

Made of 100% cotton, soft and healthy, Full absorption and release of medical ingredients to create a sterilizing effect on the wound.

Independent packaging, sealed aluminum paper, Effectively prevents bacteria from growing, Easy to Carry by anytime and anywhere.

Alcohol Pad Application

Alcohol pads are ideal for cleansing and disinfecting, helps to prepare site for insertion orincision

Alcohol wipes are used for all purpose cleansing and disinfection. Isopropylalcohol is the solvent of choice for the final preparation, cleaning anddegreasing of all substrates prior to adhesive bonding. In addition, it is useful for the cleaning up of many uncured adhesives, sealants and resins.

Apply to clean and disinfect skin and surface (desktop, fitting, tableware, hand cellphone, mouse, keyboard, toys etc.)

Alcohol Pad Specification

70% ispropyl alcohol
REF NO.Spec.Packaging
501 0014x4cm-1ply1pc/pack,100pks/box,100boxes/case
501 0024x4cm-1ply2pc/pack,100pks/box,100boxes/case
501 0033x3cm-2ply1pc/pack,100pks/box,100boxes/case
501 0044x4cm-1ply1pc/pack,100pks/box,100boxes/case
70% ispropyl alcohol,2% Chorhexidine
REF NO.Spec.Packaging
501 0054x4cm-1ply1pc/pack,100pks/box,100boxes/case
501 0064x4cm-1ply2pc/pack,100pks/box,100boxes/case
501 0073x3cm-2ply1pc/pack,100pks/box,100boxes/case
501 0084x4cm-1ply1pc/pack,100pks/box,100boxes/case