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Face Mask Description:

The product is mainly composed of multi-layer non-woven fabric: the outer layer and the inner layer is PP spun bond non-woven fabric. In the middle is high standard low resistance melt-blown non-woven fabric. The outer layer is available in blue, green, yellow, black, white, and other colors; The ear straps are divided into hanging ears, straps, and soft ears. The nose bridge strip is made of plastic materials and fits the nose bridge.

Face Mask Advantages:

1. High filtration efficiency and low breathing resistance, no peculiar smell, no irritation. Compared with others, it is more comfortable to wear for a long time;

2. It feels comfortable to wear. It does not contain glass fiber, does not contain rubber, and is not easy to cause allergies;

3. It adopts ultrasonic welding technology, so it is more comfortable to wear.

Face Mask Indications for Use (Describe):

The Procedure mask/Surgical mask/Face mask is intended to be worn to protect both the patient and healthcare personnel from transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate material. These face masks are intended for use in infection control practices to reduce the potential exposure to blood and body fluids. This is a single-use, disposable device,provided non-sterile.

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