Exudate Management

Exudate Management

Exudate needs to be careful managed to create a moisture balance at the wound interface and optimise its benefits for wound healing.
Exudate Management

Exudate needs to be carefully managed to create a moisture balance at the wound interface and optimise its benefits for wound healing. Too much exudate can cause maceration and wound breakdown and too little exudate can inhibit natural debridement, slow epithelial migration and delay wound healing.

Winner medical can provide different exudate management product solutions for a wide range of mild, moderate to highly exuding chronic and acute wounds during the different healing stages, such as foam dressing, silicone foam dressing, super-absorbent dressing, sterile gauze ball, alginate dressing, sterile ABD pad, CMC gelling fibre dressing, hydrocolloid dressing, NPWT dressing kit.

Exudate Management

Types of Exudate Management

  • Foam Dressing
    Foam Dressing
    Different types of foam dressings are the similar as the functional principle. The foam dressings effectively absorbs exudate from the wound, and provides a moist wound healing environment to accelera...
  • Super Absorbent Dressing
    Super Absorbent Dressing
    The super absorbent dressing is an advanced wound dressing, the multilayers instruction made it ideal for the moderate to heavily exduate wounds. The contact layer transmits fluid upwards and does not...
  • Alginate Dressing
    Alginate Dressing
    Alginate dressing is an advanced moist wound dressing, composed with biodegradable, highly absorbent alginate fiber which is derived from seaweed, available in flat and rope pattern. On contact with e...
  • Silver Alginate Dressing
    Silver Alginate Dressing
    Continuous release of silver, 99.99% antibacterial effect for up to 7 days. The alginate dressing consisting of calcium alginate and silver particles, which absorbs wound exudate and release silver ...
  • CMC Gelling Fiber Dressing
    CMC Gelling Fiber Dressing
    CMC gelling fiber dressing is composed of sodium carboxymethylcellulose fiber. The fiber in the dressing rapidly swells after absorbing the wound exudate to form a cohesive transparent gel. The unique...
  • Hydrocolloid Dressing
    Hydrocolloid Dressing
    Hydrocolloid dressing is a wafer type of dressing that contains gel-forming agents in an adhesive compound laminated onto a flexible, water-resistant outer layer. Hydrocolloid dressing is a wound dres...

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