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Disposable Hand Disinfection Sanitizer

Disposable Hand Disinfection Sanitizer

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Disposable Hand Disinfection Sanitizer Description

Disinfectant Disposable Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial antibacterial liquid hand Disinfectant

This disposable hand disinfectant is a disinfectant with chlorhexidine acetate and ethanol as the main active ingredient. The content of chlorhexidine acetate is 1% + 0.1% (W/V), and the content of ethanol is 70% + 5% (V/V). It is mainly suitable for hand disinfection, local skin disinfection before injection and infusion, and skin disinfection of surgical site.

How to use: Press 1-2 of the head and sprinkle evenly on the surface of the hand or skin. The hands are fully rubbed to try for 1 minutes.

Disposable Hand Disinfection Sanitizer Usage

the original solution is suitable for quick hand disinfection.

1. Daily sanitary hand disinfection: apply appropriate amount of the product to the palm, rub it according to the requirements of hand disinfection specifications, ensure that the product completely covers the skin of the hand, and work for 1 minute until it is dry.

2. Surgical hand disinfection: wash hands, forearms and 1/3 of the lower part of the upper arm according to the requirements of hand hygiene specifications, then take a proper amount of this product and rub it to each part of the hands, forearms and 1/3 of the lower part of the upper arm for 3 minutes.

Disposable Hand Disinfection Sanitizer Application


Disposable Hand Disinfection Sanitizer Specification

Active ingredient

Ethanol content 65-75% (v/v), Chlorhexidine gluconate: 0.45%-0.55%(w/w)

Bactericidal   performance

1min, the sterilization rate of escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus > 99.999%

1min, the killing rate of candida albicans > 99.99%


Hand, Skin surface

Killing bacteria

Intestinal   pathogenic bacteria; Pyogenic coccus; Pathogenic microzyme

Dosage form



60ml/bottle, 256ml/bottle, 500ml/bottle, 1L/ bottle, Customized as required

Term of validity

24 months


1. Free from washing more convenient

2. Kill 99.999% of hands harmful bacteria

3. Quick disinfection without hand wash

Attention matters

1. External   disinfectant, not orally, stay away from children.

2. This product contains ethanol, irritation to the damaged skin and mucous membranes, banned on alcohol allergy.

3. Surgical site skin disinfection, if the use of high-frequency electric knife, to be   disinfected dry use.

4. Sealed, placed in a cool, ventilated, dry place