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Winner medical can provide different antimicrobial product solutions for absorbs wound exudate and maintains a moist wound healing environment.

The dressing with silver (or PHMB) antimicrobial additives can absorb exudate, the silver ions (or PHMB) help reduce bacterial colonization in the dressing. It has been shown that antibacterial effectiveness within the dressing for up to 7 days, as demonstrated in vitro.

Antimicrobial gauze sponge dressing

Antimicrobial super sponge dressing

Antimicrobial non-woven sponge dressing

Ag Foam Dressing Non-Adhesive

Ag Foam Dressing Adhesive

Silicone Ag Foam Dressing

Silicone Ag Foam Dressing with Border

PHMB Foam Dressing Non-Adhesive

PHMB Foam Dressing Adhesive

Silicone PHMB Foam Dressing

Silicone PHMB Foam Dressing with Border

Silver Alginate Dressing (Prescription use)

Antibacterial Alginate Wound Dressing (OTC use)

Silver Gelling Fiber Dressing

AntimicrobialAntimicrobial Series Products List