Silicone Tape

Silicone Tape

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Painless for fragile and sensitive skin especially for the old and children.

- Polyurethane film/Polyethylene film----breathable, soft and water-proof(Polyethylene film is not applicable)

- Soft silicone layer----self-coating and perforation, clear pore structure, no risk of degumming, good for fragile skin and sensitive skin

1. Gently tack, Non-adherent;

2. Flexible, comformable ,breathable and waterproof;

3. Minimize trauma and pain on dressing removal;

4. Easy to tear with a pre-cutting line.


Minimizes pain and skin damage during dressing changes.

Conforms well to body contours.

Can remain in place for several days.

Extremely soft and comfortable.

Can be repositioned easily.


Silicone tape can be used in any situation where a regular medical tape would be used.

Silicone tape can be used to fixing wound dressing, securing IV lines and fistula needles.

Silicone tape is particularly useful for friable or sensitive skin, like dialysis patients.

Silicone tape is ideal for use on paediatrics and neonates.

Silicone tape is ideal for use in dermatology and orthopedic surgery (requires high skin care)

Silicone tape is especially useful for sensitive sites: eyelids, ears and face.

Silicone tape can be applied directly to the skin and tubing placed on top.


REF NO.Spec.Packaging
604 0011.25cmx13.7m24rolls/box, 12boxes/case
604 0022.5cmx13.7m12rolls/box, 12boxes/case
604 0033.8cmx13.7m8rolls/box, 12boxes/case
604 0045cmx13.7m6rolls/box, 12boxes/case
604 0057.5cmx13.7m4rolls/box, 12boxes/case

Polyurethane film type




Polyethylene film type




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