How to Distinguish Between Medical Masks and Non-medical Masks

How to Distinguish Between Medical Masks and Non-medical Masks



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How to Distinguish Between Medical Masks and Non-medical Masks


How to Distinguish Between Medical Masks and Non-medical Masks


Masks can be divided into two categories, namely medical and non-medical. As the name implies, medical masks are mainly used for medical protection, which can be subdivided into three types: medical protection, medical surgery, and disposable medical. Non-medical masks are also called personal protective masks, which can be subdivided into protection according to their applications, namely particulate protection and daily protection. Masks for different purposes have different technical requirements and different applications.

1. Distinguish between medical masks and non-medical masks by appearance and packaging

(1) Distinguish by mask structure

Distinguish by the filter valve. Face masks with filter valves are generally not medical masks. For example, the standard for medical masks clearly stipulates that masks should not have an exhalation valve, so as to prevent droplets and microorganisms from exhaling through the exhalation valve, thereby harming others. Face masks are allowed to have an exhalation valve, and the exhalation resistance can be reduced through the exhalation valve, thereby facilitating the long-term work of the operator.

(2) Distinguish by the information on the outer packaging

The smallest unit packaging of face mask products sold through the formal channels should contain information such as the name of the product, the implemented standard, and the level of protection. The information expressed by these businesses can be the ground. For example, those with words such as "surgical" and "Medical" in the product name can generally be judged as medical masks.

2. Distinguish between medical masks and non-medical masks by applicable standards

Medical masks are subject to different standards and certification requirements in different countries and regions. Enterprises and individuals can distinguish according to the country and region where the product is imported and the applicable standards of the product. The applicable standards and certification information of the product can be obtained from the outer packaging of the product, the test report or the certification provided by the manufacturer.

It should be noted that the European Union adopts different conformity assessment methods according to the sterile and non-sterile status of the mask. Non-sterile medical mask companies only need to make a CE self-conformity declaration and do not need to pass the certification of the notified body. After preparing the corresponding documents and test reports, you can complete the declaration of conformity by yourself. Sterile medical masks must be CE certified by an authorized notification agency.

3. Distinguish medical masks from non-medical masks through national registration and regulation

Since medical masks are registered or controlled in accordance with medical devices in most countries or regions, consumers can further distinguish through relevant registration and regulation.

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