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Cleaning and disinfection is the basis of infection prevention and control. Hand disinfection is suitable for quick disinfection of daily hygienic and surgical hands especially when there is a lack of clean water and water is inconvenient. Hand disinfectioncan reduce the spread of bacteria and reduce hospital infections. 

We can provide different hand disinfection products includes Rinse -Free Hand Disinfection Gel and Rinse-Free Hand Disinfection Sanitizer, which can clean hands quickly without washing, nourishing skin, clean and gentle, certified moisturizing factor is not tight, proven to suppress microbial regrowth for up to 6 hours, and bactericidal rate of escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus in 1 min>99.999%.

Our hand disinfection product includes: 

1) Rinse -Free Hand Disinfection Gel(I): Ethyl alcohol: 75%(v/v),finished BPR (UK/Germany);

2) Rinse-Free Hand Disinfection Gel (Ⅱ):Ethanol, 75 %(v/v),ADBAC/BKC (C12-16)),0.1 % (v/v), finished BPR (UK/Germany) ;

3) Rinse-Free Hand Disinfection Sanitizer;

Ethanol,80 %(v/v),Hydrogen peroxide,0.125%(v/v).

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    What are the main ingredients of the disinfectant?


    We have three different hand disinfectant products. 1) Rinse -Free Hand Disinfection Gel(I): Ethyl alcohol: 75%(v/v); 2) Rinse-Free Hand Disinfection Gel (Ⅱ): Ethanol, 75 %(v/v),ADBAC/BKC (C12-16)),0.1 % (v/v); 3) Rinse-Free Hand Disinfection Sanitizer: Alcohol Antiseptic 80% Topical Solution(WHO-recommended handrub formulation I): Ethanol, 80 %(v/v), Hydrogen peroxide, 0.125%(v/v).

  • Q.

    How to store the disinfectant?


    According to WHO data in 2016, the compound growth rate of the diabetic foot, venous ulcer, and pressure sore is over 6%. Global aging has also contributed to the ongoing outbreak of wound problems associated with aging conditions. According to BMI Research, the global market for medical dressings grew to $12,158 million in 2018. Chronic wounds that fail to heal spontaneously have become a major concern in the medical industry.

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