Antimicrobial Foam Dressing with PHMB

Antimicrobial Foam Dressing with PHMB

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Antimicrobial Foam Dressing with PHMB Description

PHMB Foam Dressing: PHMB antibacterial additives are added in the foaming process, which is designed to manage both moisture and bacterial balance. PHMB  helps reduce bacterial colonization in the dressing.  PHMB foam dressing is with board spectrum antimicrobial effect for Gram+, Gram-Bacteria and Fungi reach to 99.99% for 7 days ( in vitro testing).

We are able to supply adhesive and non-adhesive, as well as silicone PHMB antimicrobial foam dressings



Antimicrobial Foam Dressing with PHMB Benefits

Manage moderate to severe exudate and infected wounds, such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcer, burns, and traumatic wounds

Antimicrobial Foam Dressing with PHMB Application

For infective wounds, mainly for diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, burns, arteriovenous ulcers. More economic than Silver dressing.

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