Silver Alginate Dressing

Silver Alginate Dressing

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Silver Alginate Dressing Description

Continuous release of silver, 99.99% antibacterial effect for up to 7 days. The alginate dressing consisting of calcium alginate and  silver particles,  which absorbs wound exudate and release silver ions in the presence of wound liquid. The silver can protect the dressing from a variety of bacteria within 7 days, with an antibacterial rate of 99.99%. And alginate forms a gel after absorbing wound exudate to maintain the moist environment on the wound surface.

Applicable Population

For infective wounds, mainly for diabetic foot ulcers, burns, arteriovenous ulcers.


Manage moderate to severe exudate and infected wounds, such as diabetic feet, pressure ulcer, leg venous and arterial ulcers, burns, postoperative wounds, and traumatic wounds. It can also be used for acute mild bleeding wounds. Long strips can be used for cavernous and sinus wounds.

Silver Alginate Dressing Benefits

1. Form a gel after absorbing fluid to maintain the moist healing environment of the wound;

2. Broad-spectrum antibacterial, continuous release of silver ions,  the aganist bacteria up to 99.99% for 7 days;

3. The cumulative amount of silver released in 7 days is much lower than the toxic dose of 3800mg-silver that causes harm to the human body;

Silver Alginate Dressing Application

Silver Alginate Dressing is indicated for the management of moderate to heavily exuding partial to full thickness wounds, including, postoperative wounds, trauma wounds, leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, graft and donor sites.

Silver Alginate Dressing Specification

Silver Alginate Dressing(cm)






Silver Alginate Dressing in Roll(cm):


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