Advantages of Using Silicone Dressings to Prevent Pressure Sores

Advantages of Using Silicone Dressings to Prevent Pressure Sores



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Advantages of Using Silicone Dressings to Prevent Pressure Sores


Advantages of Using Silicone Dressings to Prevent Pressure Sores


The occurrence of pressure sores is a complex pathological process caused by a variety of factors, and it is especially prone to patients who are bedridden for a long time, which not only affects the treatment of the disease, but also increases the suffering of the patients. For the prevention of pressure sores, choosing a suitable material to prevent pressure sores is the key to preventing pressure sores.

Silicone dressings have the following advantages in preventing pressure sores:

1. The timely use of silicone dressings when assessing the patient's bad skin condition can effectively prevent the occurrence of pressure sores.

2. The silicone dressing acts as a barrier to the skin of the compressed area, which can reduce the shear and friction of the local skin. Therefore, according to the condition of the patient, the turn-over time can be extended from once every 2 hours to once every 4 hours, so as to avoid frequent movement affecting the patient's night sleep and reduce the workload of nurses.

3. Silicone dressing has good tolerance, good air permeability, and is suitable for difficult to fix parts, such as the sacrococcyx and heel. When in use, dressings of different specifications can be selected according to the size of the part.

4. Silicone dressing prevents direct stimulation of local skin due to moisture, friction and excrement, and plays a role in preventing pressure sores.

5. The silicone dressing is easy to use, and its packaging is a sterile airtight package, and it can be used after removing the protective sheet after disassembling.

6. Silicone dressings have obvious effects in preventing pressure sores, which are simple to operate and have no allergies, making patient feels comfortable. Its use is not restricted by the part. It can be pasted at will, and the paste is tight, not easy to fall off, and is convenient for treatment and nursing work. The workload of nursing staff is therefore reduced and the silicone dressings is worthy of clinical promotion.

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